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Thursday, July 21, 2011

REPORT: How Google Plus Stacks Up Against Facebook

REPORT: How Google Plus Stacks Up Against Facebook: "Ever since Google Plus launched last month, the blogosphere has been making bold declarations about how the search giant’s social media product means the beginning of the end for Facebook.
Well now, we’ve got some hard numbers about this from Experian Hitwise: Last week, Google Plus had about 1.8 million visits in the U.S., while Facebook had more than ten times that.
Those numbers make Google Plus look all the more formidable when compared to where Facebook was after a month or so — it was in the thousands, if we recall correctly."

1 comment:

  1. The real question is not really about usage as much as it is about click-throughs. If Facebook users a merely talking amongst themselves, then consider how does this really "help" Facebook.

    Also when they discuss tats for visiting Facebook have they taken into account these BlogSpot pages which after all are owned by Google. How would that singular fact skew the statistics?