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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I set 5 goals for today!

Three of these goals, relate to marketing websites and web ventures for a sole proprietorship. The other two are related to "self made obstacles" which I have grappled with overcoming for more than several years.

I write because I desire to share with others. I create innovations designed to benefit both my own current pursuits, as well as an idea that I may help others who I meet along the path.

Stephen C. Sanders, June 1, 2011- 8:50am

Automates sharing on Facebook, Buzz, Twitter will save 30% of my web traffic generation time, budgeted for today. Which will be utilized with G-d's help, to accomplish these five obtainable goals for today. AhMbDvd


  1. Can any BlogSpot user explain why my embedded videos "do not" get picked up along with my Facebook Feed? I understand generally we are attempting to "drive traffic" to our website however the Facebook crowd is very "image dependent" and may click on small reading passages as well as images or videos they choose to view.

  2. Also, how can one easily catch a still image from a YouTube video to download as an image (or URL link) for Web site or Facebook?